A simple call flow - Answer the call, play your greeting , take a message and disconnect.

VoiceSaver® IVR

Extremely Easy, Flexible, and Complete

Parwan Electronics Corporation's (PEC) first version of VoiceSaver®  IVR was designed back in 1989.  For over 30 years the solution has evolved and been deployed in thousands of locations in over 75 countries around the world.  The product has been proven around the world to be flexible, robust, and reliable.

VoiceSaver®  Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callers. It is a powerful software that allows companies to turn their vision of an automated interactive call flow into reality. 

VoiceSaver ® IVR can reduce cost of common sales, service, inquiry, collection and support calls to and from the company. It works 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Please read on to learn about the simplicity, feature richness, reliability & scalability of VoiceSaver IVR.  

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The following is just a small list of features that VoiceSaver ®  IVR has to offer:

Web Based Drag and Drop IVR Creation

  • Simple Drag an Drop creation of an IVR.
  • Visual interpretation of the IVR call flow
  • Easy to make adjustments/changes

Unlimited Number of Call Flows

  • Voicesaver® IVR allows you to create an unlimited number of call flows.
  • IVR Scripts can be triggered based on the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialed. So, if you had 50 Access Numbers (DID) into your system, each could trigger a different call flow.
  • Even if your system has only 24 lines, you can still have thousands of IVR applications.
  • Scalable to handle hundreds of calls simultaneously

Play Unlimited Prompts

  • Play Pre-Recorded Prompts (TTS or Uploaded).
  • Play a Variable (Date, Time, Sentence, Number, Characters, etc)
  • Play from a Database
  • Easy to add prompts to play

Touch Tone Detection

  • The most common method through which VoiceSaver® communicates with a customers is through Touch Tone. Customers can choose from a list of selections, enter account numbers, enter their security code, etc, all through the numeric keypad on their phones.
  • VoiceSaver® allows you to specify the number of digits to expect and the maximum amount of time to wait in between digits to make the call flow as seamless as possible.

Outdial Capability

  • VoiceSaver® IVR allows you to dynamically call out to customers & clients.
  • Use the IVR logic to control the logic of the call based on the status of the call being a busy, no answer, connect, answering machine, fax machine, or operator intercept, VoiceSaver® allows you to choose what action to perform.
  • Allows for Click to Call from a Website

Web Service Integration

  • Web Services have now become the standard to integrate with any outside database/website/application.   Utilizing the JSON standard, VoiceSaver® IVR can provide unlimited outside functionalities.  This allows for a powerful limitless set of additional tools.
  • Provide SMS, Email, Screen Pop Ups, and unlimited more functionalities.


  • Record any prompt from a caller
  • Stop Recording based on silence or DTMF

Call Transfer

  • VoiceSaver® IVR allows you to transfer callers dynamically to other telephone lines, extension, other IVRs. Callers can be transferred with a blind transfer (unconditionally) or with a supervised transfer (monitor the call status before transferring).
  • VoiceSaver® also supports call patching, whereby multiple callers can be connected together into the same conversation.

Text to Speech

  • Integrates with Amazon AWS Text to Speech & IBM Watson Text to SpeechText to Speech 
  • Simply type any text into a field and VoiceSaver® IVR will speak the text to the caller with clear human like interpretation
  • Eliminates the need to record prompts.
  • Allows for quick, on-the-fly changes to a script.
  • High-quality, Professional Sounding Voice.

Speech Recognition

  • IVoiceSaver® IVR’s Speech Recognition feature makes customer interaction with your system quick, convenient, and simple.
  • VoiceSaver’s Speech Recognition module recognizes words, names, spoken letters, and numbers.
  • Callers can spell names, order products, enter account numbers and zip codes, all without entering a single touch tone on their phone.

Call Recording

  • Record a Call Conversation
  • Use for Security, tracking, performance, verification, fraud, etc.

Web Based Reporting

  • Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly or Yearly Graphs on Calls with one click.
  • Extremely User Friendly Interface.
  • Generate Summary Reports / Invoices to send to Customers.
  • View Detailed Summaries & Invoices for Each DID/IVR

IVR Logging

  • IVR Tracking allows you in detail the caller interaction with the IVR
  • Used to help optimize the IVR for cumbersome logic
  • Used to troubleshoot logic of an IVR and increase performance

System Integration

  • Hosted or Premise Based (AWS, Run it at PEC Location, or in your own location)
  • Supports old legacy PBX switches
  • VoIP, TDM Support
  • Integrates with Asterisk PBX (Phone System)
  • Support DIalogic E1, T1 & VoIP (HMP)
  • Supports Twilio API's
  • Supports Cisco Voice Gateways
  • Supports Ribbon Communications Gateways



Business Applications



  • Medical Transcription Services – Allows Doctors to Record Transcriptions, which can later be listened to and documented by a Medical Transcribe.
  • Automated Prescription Filling – Allows Pharmacies to allow for automated prescription filling services for patients.
  • Patient Reminders – Remind patients of upcoming appointments or to take their medicine on time.
  • Off Hours Auto Attendant – Provide Emergency Information for Patients off hours when the office is closed.
  • Patient Surveys – Survey Patients for Quality Assessment and Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Bill Collection – Remind Residents of Late Payments due, and provide automated Payment service


  • TeleBanking – Allow Customers to Securely access their Account Details, Transfer Funds etc.
  • Card Enablement – Allow Customers to Enable their Bank, Check, Credit Cards Securely and Automated.
  • Call Routing – Route Calls to the proper person/department within a Bank/Office

Call Centers

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Survey Patients for Quality Assessment and Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Screening – Perform Initial Candidate Interviews for job screening
  • Call Center Automated IVR Functionalities – Provide Automated Account/Company Information to Callers to reduce calls to live Agents.
  • Call Center Routing – Route calls to the proper Call Center Agents based on Customer Requirements.

Human Resources

  • Employee Screening & Recruiting – Perform Initial Candidate Interviews for job screening.
  • Employee Satisfaction – Provide Surveys to Employees to better motivate employees.
  • Benefits – Provide Automated Benefit Information.
  • Employee Time Clock – For Employees working on the go, allow them to clock in/out via telephone.

Customer Service

  • General Information – Provide General Information to Customers including Hours of Operations, Mailing Address, Driving Directions, Employee Directory, Services Information etc.
  • Reminders – Remind Customers of Appointments, Late Bills, upcoming events, fund raising efforts, general information
  • Order Processing – Allow Customers to place order over the telephone automated.
  • Credit Card Processing – Allow Customers to pay bills via the telephone.
  • Customer Survey – Survey Customers to provide better customer services.
  • Bill Collection- Remind Residents of Late Payments due, and provide automated Payment service.

Consumer Products

  • Product Registration – Allow Automated Registration of Products.
  • Recall Information – Allow Information about Product Recall.
  • Shipment Status – Allow customer to find information about Shipments.

Retail Stores

  • Dealer/Store Locator – For a Multi-Chain of Stores, provide the nearest store information based on phone number or zip code.
  • Store Information – Provide Store Hours, Department Routing and Directions.
  • Specials/Discounts- Provide information of Specials and Discounts in the store.
  • Appointment Confirmation – Allow Customers to Confirm upcoming Appointments.


  • Parent Information – Provide information on Upcoming Events, Child’s Homework, Leave messages for teachers, Student Grades, Test Schedules etc.
  • Student Information – Provide information on upcoming events, Homework info, School Closings etc.
  • Surveying – Provide Survey’s on the quality of the teachers, cafeteria, bus service etc.
  • Notification- Notify Parents for Child Absentees, School Closings, Upcoming events.

Political Campaigns

  • Candidate Awareness – Broadcast Candidate Information to the community for name identification, and Voting Information.
  • Mailer Notification – Notify Recipients that Mailers have been sent out, and look out in the mail for it.
  • Survey – Allows Voters to let candidates know what are the most important issues to them.

Township / County Government

  • Community Awareness – Provide Inbound/Outbound services to inform the community about upcoming events, functions, changes to the laws, etc.
  • Emergency Notification- Call Residents to inform them about an Emergency (Tornado, Hurricane, Snow, Storms etc.
  • Services Provided – Provide Callers with information on what services the township offers.
  • Department Routing- Route Callers to the Proper Department within the Municipality Offices.
  • Parking – Allow Callers to pay Meter Parking through the Phone.
  • Bill Collection – Remind Residents of Late Payments due, and provide automated Payment service.


  • Ring Tone Services- Allow Callers to Download Ringtones to the Mobile Phone.
  • Lottery – Allow Callers to play the lottery through their phone.
  • Radio – Allow Callers to Listen to the Radio through the Phone.
  • Ring Back Services – Allow Callers to Choose their Ringback tone that will be used when callers dial their number.
  • Horoscope – Allow Callers to listen to their Horoscope.
  • Music Messaging – Allow Callers to Dedicate a Music Message to their Loved Ones, Friends etc.
  • Dating – Allow Callers to Listen to Dating Profiles, and Chat Live with other People.
  • Chatting – Allow One on One Chatting, or Conferencing among many people together(Sports Chat, Political Chat, Current Events Chat etc.
  • News – Provide Up to date News to the Callers.
  • Weather – Provide the Current Weather Service to Callers.
  • Voice SMS – Provide a Facility for Callers to Record a Message and forward the Message to the Requested Party.
  • Quiz – Provide an Telephonic Quiz and give winners a prize.

Security & Emergency

  • Emergency Notification – Call Residents to inform them about an Emergency (Tornado, Hurricane, Snow, Storms etc.

Travel & Lodging

  • Hotel Booking- Provide ability to callers to Book their Hotel Reservations through the phone.
  • Special/Deals – Let Callers know about Special travel Deals and services.
  • Hotel Locator – For a Multi-Chain of Hotels, provide the nearest hotel information based on the state/zip code.


  • Dealer Information – Provider Dealer Hours, pricing and other information.
  • Car Status – Provide Status of Car to Vehicle Owners, so they know if the vehicle is ready or not.
  • Payment – Allow Customers to pay bills over the telephone to reduce time when picking up the vehicle.

Police & Parking

  • Traffic ticket service – Allow Violators to pay Traffic Tickets over the phone.
  • Notification – Notify Community of Suspicious Individuals or Warnings.
  • Parking – Allow Callers to pay Meter Parking through the Phone.
  • Airlines / Railways / Bus & Other Transportation
  • General Information – Provide Information about Services, Rates and Specials Offered.
  • Schedule Information – Provide up to date Information about Train/Place/Bus Arrival And Departure Information.
  • Bookings – Taking Ticket Bookings for Train/Plane/Bus.
  • Complaint Booking – Allow Customers to File a Service/Billing Complaint so that it is Tractable and Accountable.
  • Survey – Allows Customers to provide Service/Products/Suggestion Feedback.
  • Call Routing – Route Calls to the proper person/department.
  • Telephone Companies (Land & Mobile Operators)
  • General Information – Provide Information about Services, Rates and Specials Offered.
  • Account Information – Provide Information about Customer Account, Including Balance Due, Minutes Used etc.
  • Number Change Notification – Notify Callers that a Phone Number has been changed.
  • New Number Notification – Notify Callers that the Phone Number has been changed, and play out the New Number.
  • Bill Collection – Remind Residents of Late Payments due, and provide automated Payment service.
  • Complaint Booking – Allow Customers to File a Service/Billing Complaint so that it is Tractable and Accountable.
  • Call Routing – Route Calls to the proper person/department.


AudioText Applications

Horoscope Line

Make a fortune with VoiceSaver® IVR. Horoscope programs are well known for their widespread appeal and steady call volumes. Developing a loyal customer is the key to success with horoscopes.

  • Callers enter their birthday to receive a personalized Horoscope reading.
  • Daily Horoscope for all twelve Zodiac signs.

Soap Opera Line

Whether it’s a steamy love affair or an unsolved mystery, VoiceSaver® IVR has all the juicy details. Callers get the inside track on their favorite soaps. Gossip fills the air as off screen secrets about the stars are now for all to hear. Daily reports provide users with a reliable source to catch anything they may have missed. VoiceSaver®IVR has the inside scoop on who’s who and on what’s what with today’s popular network soaps. Callers will fall in love with your Soap Opera Line.

Sports Line

Sports Line are used by die-hard sports fans interested in up-to-the-minute news coverage of all the major team sports. The demand for this program peaks during special events (e.g. play-off games, and championship matches). Headline news and special events coverage are important features that will maximize your response. VoiceSaver® IVR’s Sports Line lets you touch base with sports fans everywhere. Join VoiceSaver® IVR’s winning team.

  • Results for all the major team sports – College and Pro.
  • Special events coverage – World Cup, Olympics, Play-offs, Championship Boxing, etc.
  • Headline news – Injuries, Player Drafts, Game  Day Weather.

Money Line

Information is a valuable commodity in today’s economy. Top investors have a saying, “knowledge is power.” Money Line provides callers with breaking news reports affecting all the major markets. Hourly updates keeps the callers ahead of the pack. After all it’s not only what you know, it’s when you know it.

  • Dow Jones Averages
  • NYSE Averages
  • Standard and Poors
  • Dow Jones Futures
  • Oil Prices
  • Breaking News Updated Hourly
  • Monitoring of Ongoing Crises

Trivia Game Line

With 5 categories to choose from callers will want to challenge this program. A real trivia buff can never get enough of a good thing. Callers test their skills in hopes of winning a Grand Prize. This program prompts the highest scorers to leave their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. The scores are tallied monthly and three contestants are selected to receive a prize.

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Voice Capture For High Scorer
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • History
  • Science

Sweepstakes Line

Using voice response to interact with your customers is a growing trend in marketing today. With no purchase necessary, VoiceSaver® IVR provides your customers with a convenient alternative of entering a sweepstakes contest that pays for itself. Randomly selected winners can leave their name and address to receive a prize. Sponsors have the caller’s undivided attention to promote new products and services.

  • Callers hear promotional information messages from sponsor.
  • Willing contestants leave their name and address to receive a prize.

Interactive Line

A new program must be unique, offering a genuine value to the caller. Consolidating various types of information can provide callers with a convenient alternative to an otherwise complicated procedure. VoiceSaver® IVR’s AppGen gives clients the ability to develop an audiotex program painlessly. Audio production services are available to assist you every step of the way.

  • Multi Level menus and return to main menu.
  • All programs have remote back-end access for updating messages and call counts.
  • Variety of formats available to suit your needs and Up to 200 hours of voice.

Movie Line

As Americans take to the theaters to see blockbuster hits that gross hundreds of millions of dollars they can take comfort in knowing that  VoiceSaver®  IVR has the best reviews for all the top films currently at the box office. The Movie Line is a guide for big screen fans who want to know what’s coming to a theater near them. VoiceSaver® IVR is well suited for sponsors interested in promoting products or services.

  • Capsule reviews of top films currently playing at the box office.
  • Extensive reviews of Premiers.
  • Headline flews for the industry.
  • Production reports on upcoming blockbusters.

Stories Line

When children want something they usually get it! With no assembly required, this program is truly a “mother’s little helper.” Stories Line is an educational entertainment tool that lets a caller learn as he/she plays. A user friendly menu makes this program so easy to use, it’s “child’s play.” VoiceSaver® IVR lets your fingers do the talking. Stories Line include:

  • Easter stories
  • Halloween stories
  • Christmas stories
  • Fairy tales
  • Birthdays stories
  • Horror stories

Personals Line

The VoiceSaver® IVR Personals Line was designed to operate in conjunction with newspaper personals. By assigning automated voice boxes to all your personals, callers can enter a 4 digit code to leave a message. Others can retrieve messages left for them in response to their ad. A browse function is a must because it allows those who don’t have a copy of the paper to participate. VoiceSaver® IVR’S Personals Line -it can create a match made in heaven.

  • Callers can enter voice box number and respond to personals.
  • Browse feature allows callers to review groups of messages.
  • Return to main menu available.

Date Lines

Love is on the line is taking the country by storm. The popularity of these programs is directly related to the concerns people have with traditional means of meeting that “someone special.” VoiceSaver® IVR is a modern approach to an age old problem. Callers can browse through groups of messages left by available singles in their areas, and receive a personal voice box of their own. Repeat users are common, since everyone must call to retrieve messages left in their voice boxes. VoiceSaver® IVR – the matchmaker of the 21st century.

  • Callers can enter voice box number to respond to personals.
  • Browse feature allows callers to review groups of voice boxes.
  • Callers can request their own personal voice box automatically.

Lottery Line

With jackpots reaching $100’s of millions, it’s no wonder people are willing to wait in lines for hours to try their luck. But buying the ticket is only half the game. VoiceSaver® IVR has the winning numbers for all the major state lotteries. Callers could get lucky with our daily computer picks.  VoiceSaver® IVR allows you to “be in it to win it.”

  • All major state lottery results available.
  • Results on line within 30 minutes of release.
  • Computer generated Quick Picks available.

Talking Ads

Get more life out of your ads by using VoiceSaver® IVR. With advertising costs what they are, it’s important to maximize response. By providing prospective clients an alternative means of reviewing your products and services, you provide yourself the opportunity to introduce new products while generating leads. Marketing reports make this line extremely useful. VoiceSaver® IVR Talking Ads can help you squeeze every last drop out of your ad campaign.

  • Voice capture.
  • Multilevel menu program.

Bulletin Board

A Bulletin Board program is an electronic message manager. It stores incoming messages in pools for playback. Rotating messages insure that all messages are heard an equal number of times. The bulletin board also has the ability to delete old messages as new messages are received. Electronic classifieds, speak out programs, confession lines, and lost and found lines are only some of the possible applications for this program.  VoiceSaver® IVR’S Bulletin Board will surely put you on audiotex’ Big Board.

  • Callers can hear groups of messages left on the Bulletin Board.
  • Callers can leave their messages for others to hear.

Survey Line

The Survey Line is designed to poll the opinions of Americans. People feel very strongly about issues affecting their everyday lives, and having your vote counted is very important. Rivalries among special interest groups are common place in today’s society. VoiceSaver® IVR compiles all the data and instantly provides the latest statistics. VoiceSaver® IVR’S Survey Line allows your callers to be heard.

  • Callers can enter their answer with touch tone phone.
  • All callers can receive statistics instantly over the phone.

Fundraising Line

With a customer base of 92 million households, VoiceSaver® IVR can spread the word about your organization. With Telco billing and collection, dialing a number to make a charitable contribution is a growing trend that is not about to go away soon. If designed correctly, automated voice response can be courteous and helpful to contributors. VoiceSaver® IVR’S Fund Raising Line can help you meet your objectives in a cost effective manner..

  • Multilevel menu.
  • Survey of donors.

Weather Line

If you’re looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the Weather Line can flood the lines with callers interested in the current climate conditions. Travel advisories can make or break a trip. VoiceSaver® IVR sets the climate for a sponsor to promote new products by using a service that pays for itself. VoiceSaver® IVR’s Weather Line forecasts blue skies ahead for audiotex.

  • Daily weather for the 30 largest cities, updated hourly.
  • Billing and Collection.
  • Five day forecasts for the same regions, updated 3 times a day.
  • Storm front and emergency warnings provided as soon as received.

Talking Products Line

Providing customer service has almost always been an expensive proposition, at least up to now. Not to fear, VoiceSaver® IVR has put an end to that by introducing its talking products program. With the use of an interactive audiotex program, callers can easily access a host of information regarding your products (e.g. settings, warranties, ‘ local distributors, mailing addresses, etc.). When everyone else is closed you’re still handling customer inquiries. VoiceSaver® IVR’s Talking Products Line can help keep your customers satisfied.

  • Voice capture for additional information.
  • Multilevel menu program.

Fulfillment Line

Whether it’s samples, catalogs or a free one month subscription, VoiceSaver® IVR can develop a program that simplifies getting something in a prospective customers hands. A user- friendly audiotex program allows callers to leave their name and address to receive a promotional packet. Custom audio messages describing a promotion present an opportunity to qualify leads. VoiceSaver® IVR’s Fulfillment Line delivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Voice Capture.
  • Optional Mailing Service.
  • Callers hear promotional information message and are prompted to leave their names and addresses.