Telecom Services

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VoiceSaver® Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Web Driven Drag & Drop IVR.  

IVR, Web Service, SMS Integrations

Asterisk VoIP, Dialogic, Cisco

Hosted or Premise Based

Cardsaver™ VoIP Billing


 Offer prepaid calling card, CallerId or ANI prepaid and postpaid, call back, call shop, and Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) solutions with CardSaver (CS) Billing Suite. 

VoiceSaver® Voicemail


 VoiceSaver® is the perfect fit for traditional and VoIP carriers or offices looking for a voicemail and automated attendant solution to integrate with their office phone system. 

 Since 1984, Parwan Electronic Corporation (PEC) has been a leader in providing telecommunications (telecom) software & solutions worldwide.  Based in Central New Jersey - U.S.A. home to some of the leaders in the industry.  PEC is one of the most knowledgeable telecom software providers in the world.   


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