CardSaver™ Billing

The Most Complete VoIP Billing System.


If you are searching for a VoIP billing package for the prepaid, postpaid, wholesale termination, or inter-office industries, CardSaver™ is exactly the solution you are searching for. Since billing is the core of any business, billing solution must be robust, flexible, accessible, and dependable. CardSaver™ meets all of these demands. Prepaid allows you to collect the money first and then start the meter when the caller starts to use the service. 

CardSaver™ is used effectively for numerous VoIP applications. For companies that wish to offer service for Prepaid/Postpaid/ANI-Prepaid/ANI-Postpaid Calling Cards, IP Phones, or Wholesale Termination/Origination, CardSaver is the ideal solution. Unlike many other software packages in the market, CardSaver is both powerful and extremely simple to use. Please be sure to contact us at +1 (732) 290-1900 to schedule a demonstration of the CardSaver system.  


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Cardsaver Billing offers unlimited potential for VoIP Billing.  Get a quick tour of the platform.

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Developed over 18 years, Cardsaver has nearly all any feature needed to meet your requirements.   


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CardSaver™ runs on a computer that connects to an Internet Protocol (IP)/Public Switched Telephone Networ (PSTN) gateway with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) support. Cisco® or Quintum Gateways are used to support the IVR connection. The IVR interface enables the system to relay and/or play voice messages to customers, prompting them to input numeric information using their phone’s keypad.


This information can include the caller’s account number, PIN, and the number the caller wishes to reach. The numbers that the caller enters can therefore be transmitted by the Gateway in RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) format over the IP network to the CardSaver RADIUS compliant server. The server can then use the inputted data to identify the customer, verify their identity using the PIN code, check the account status, and send back messages in RADIUS format telling the voice gateway whether or not to proceed with the call.

When the call is made, the PSTN routes the call to the VoIP Gateway. The VoIP Gateway sends a RADIUS packet to the CardSaver system and based on the number dialed, the CardSaver asks the caller to enter the desired long distance destination number and instruct the VoIP Gateway to transfer the call. CardSaver then informs caller of the amount of credit left on the account. CardSaver calculates this amount by using a rate table created by the administrator of the system. The connection between caller and the dialed number is then made. Once the call is disconnected, the VoIP Gateway sends a Radius packet to the CardSaver system informing that the call has been disconnected. The CardSaver system then deducts the appropriate amount from the caller’s account. 

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Cardsaver Applications


Prepaid Calling Cards

CardSaver™ platform provides support for creating a PIN based Calling Card service for Long Distance and other services

Prepaid Calling Cards

Wholesale Billing

 CardSaver™ can also be used as a billing and call monitoring solution for VoIP wholesale and termination providers. 


Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Services allow forwarding of local, toll free or international number to another worldwide number or phone system

Call forwarding

Call Back

Call Back Services allow a call to be triggered without an actual connection.  The Callback service calls the user back to provide service.

Call Back

Call Shop

 The Call Shop module allows our customers to provide prepaid and postpaid calling services within call shops, Internet cafes, VoIP shops 

Call Shop

ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)

 PEC offers an ITSP SIP Solution for small and medium size companies that are looking to provide prepaid and postpaid SIP Telephony solutions to their customers. 




  • Prepaid Calling Card
  •  Wholesale Module for termination services Call Shop
  • Asterisk/ITSP Module for Prepaid & Postpaid IP Phone Networks
  • Retail Module for prepaid & postpaid services

Reports & Statistics

  •  Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly Graphs on Calls
  • Extemely User Friendly
  • Generate Summary Reports/Invoices to send to Resellers
  • Generate Accurate Call Summaries to send to Wholesale/Termination Providers
  • View Reports on Customer Service Credits issued
  • View Detailed Summaries & Invoices of all User Calls
  • View Performance of all Prepaid/Postpaid Accounts
  • View Agent/Reseller Performance
  • Generate Profit/Loss Statements for Wholesale or Calling Cards
  • Set the Date/Time Format you wish to display based on the country.

Rate Tables

  •  Create Unlimited Rate Tables
  • Rate Tables based on Destination Number (DNIS)
  • Rate Tables support 1 second – 60 minute billing.
  • Bill different during Day, Evening, and Night Hours
  • Import Rate Tables directly from CSV or TXT files
  • Export Rate Tables to CSV or TXT file.

Calling Card & IP Phone Accounts

  •  Create Prepaid, Postpaid, ANI-Postpaid, or ANI-Prepaid Accounts.
  • Generate unlimited random PINs instantly between 8 and 16 digits long.
  • Assign to different Resellers and Rate Tables
  • Supports H323 Protocol for IP Phone Usage
  • Export the Card Information and PINs and send directly printer
  • Charge Maintenance, Disconnect, and Activation Fees.
  • Expire cards X days after first date of use
  • Charge Toll-Free and Payphone Surcharges
  • Apply Surcharges based on the ANI (Caller ID) or Dialed Number (DNIS)
  • Play Dollar/Minutes remaining in your card
  • Allow multiple ANI users for each Account (Great for corporate customers)
  • Allow End-Users to recharge their Accounts online
  • Play Messages to callers in the middle of the call

Manage System Users

  •  Create 4 Different User Types (Administrator, Agent/Reseller, Customer Service, or Account Holder/End-User
  • Allow Account Holders to view balances and pay bills online.
  • Create/Modify System Users & Permissions
  • Set Maximum Usages for all Wholesale Carriers (End Point Authentication)


  •  System tracks all user activity including IP Address.
  • ANI (Caller ID) blocking for X number of bad attempts.
  • Highly encrypted logins for secure access.
  • Secure your data with CardSaver’s Database backup utility

Global Applications

  • Supports International Date/Time Formats
  • Supports E1, T1, E&M, and R2MF Protocols
  • Supports Multiple Languages (Up to 4 per system)
  • Supports Customized Greetings and Messages to Callers
  • Supports Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Supports Toll-Free and Remote Area Calls

Product Strength and Reliability

  •  Runs on Robust Operating Systems (Windows XP or UNIX).
  • Fully scalable: 4 to 1200 ports (simultaneous callers).
  • Unit can be upgraded in increments of 4-ports.
  • No performance degradation due to multiple call handling.
  • Heavily tested on systems with up to 20 million calls per month.