VOICESAVER® : Self Unit Off The

The PEC VoiceSaver® is an “off the shelf” Pentium-based unit. It needs no software modifications to work and is very customizable. It allows you to set you menu structures and record every voice.

The unit includes a computer, a monitor, a monitor cable, a keyborad, a hard disk, voice processing cards, conferencing card, a modem, a modem cable, a power cord, and a serial test cable.

The VoiceSaver® software fully supports the different telephone interface protocols. You can define your own in-band tables.

The VoiceSaver® Setup Utility software allows you to create your mail boxes and select the line interface and protocol. The Setup Utility configures your system to integrate with your phone system.

The VoiceSaver® system comes standard with a Voice Digitization Utility software. This software allows one to record high-quality custom prompts.

The PEC VoiceSaver® system is ready to work through any phone system. In fact it is designed to connect to digital lines as well as the analog lines.

The PEC VoiceSaver® system also supports the SMDI link to your switching system. Thus, it can turn your message waiting light on or off, accordingly.

The PEC VoiceSaver® uses “off the shelf” industry standard parts. This makes it easy for local technicians to service the hardware.

The PEC VoiceSaver® Remote Support Software comes standard with the VoiceSaver unit. The software works with a Modem and allows a PEC customer support representative to service the unit remotely in a matter of minutes.

The VoiceSaver® manual has the instructions on how to connect the VoiceSaver unit to your switching system.

PEC provides full support for integration to your switching system.