• Offer Prepaid / Postpaid Services
  • Offer Termination Services
  • CardSaver™ is used effectively for numerous VoIP applications. For companies that wish to offer service for Prepaid/Postpaid/ANI-Prepaid/ANI-Postpaid Calling Cards, IP Phones, or Wholesale Termination/Origination, CardSaver is the ideal solution. Unlike many other software packages in the market, CardSaver is both powerful and extremely simple to use. Please be sure to contact us at (732) 290-1900 to schedule a demonstration of the CardSaver system.

    Accessibility and Security

    Running on your Windows or UNIX Web Server, the CardSaver™ interface can be accessed and managed from any web terminal in the world with security and ease of use unmatched in the industry. The software provides unique & restricted access for Administrators, Agents / Resellers, Customer Service Representatives, and Card Holder / End Users. Allow Resellers to see there performance and invoices, allow Card Holders to recharge there account online, and allow Customer Service Reps to issue small credits without having to disturb the System Admin.

    Built-in RADIUS Server (AAA)

    CardSaver™ also provides a built-in RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server. RADIUS has become the industry standard that is widely used for billing and other management applications to control network access. The process is often referred to as authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). RADIUS provides standardized message formats for transmitting and receiving keypad input, account data, authorization codes and other information between access gateways (such as Cisco or the Quintum Tenor switch) and billing servers.

    CardSaver™ is truly a complete turnkey software switch, offering all the necessary features demanded by today’s carriers and the added features to propel them ahead of their competition. With CardSaver, you can connect to all the International and Local Carriers without the need for dedicated leased lines. You can provide pre-paid services with 60% less investment than the legacy technology. The possibilities are endless.