With CardSaver, you will be able to generate an unlimited quantity of calling cards. CardSaver will export these cards to a comma delimited flat file which can be given to a card printer. When searching for a company to print your calling cards, there are few factors to consider: price, quality, and services offered.


Generally, it will cost you between 5 and 10 cents per calling card for printing depending on volume. Of course, the larger quantity of cards that you print, the better rate per card you will receive. Keep in mind that most card printers require that you order at least 10,000 cards, in which case the cards should be about 10 cents each. Expect to pay a setup fee for the printing as well and a design fee if you are not creating the design yourself.

Quality of Printing

Although price is an important factor, quality is often more important. If possible, view a sample of the card printer’s work before placing the order to make sure that it is acceptable. Pay attention to details such as material thickness, ink quality, and the quality of the silver scratch off area located on the back of the card. The card should be presentable.

Services Offered

Some companies offer graphic design services as well as card printing. If you are not planning to create the card designs yourself it is a great idea for the card printer to create the designs for you.