Online Line Status Display

Easy recording options

Record your messages using DialSaver™ dial-in service or your own computers microphone and speakers. You can even upload sound files created by professional announcers. The DialSaver iPhone® Application is also available to download from iTunes free of charge.

Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS)

Personalize each message for the intended recipient with realistic human sounding Text-To-Speech (TTS). Send alerts and notifications, reminders, rates, names, numbers and more. Choose either a male or female voice and even control pitch, speed and the volume of the voice used.

Powerful call list management

DialSaver can use your existing call lists from the applications that you are most familiar with such as Microsoft Excel and Access as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited. You can also view, edit, search, add or remove contacts from your call lists right from your DialSaver account with our online list management tools.

Reporting of caller response by key press

Real-time reporting captures all recipient key presses allowing you to identify call responses to survey questions. Additionally, call responses are matched up with all the information from your call list, making it easy to identify which recipient produced which responses. Download your results into Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Do Not Call list management

Professional Do Not Call list management tools allow you to honor the request of those who wish to opt-out of future call campaigns. Call recipients can add themselves to your Do Not Call list by pressing a key during the call. In addition, you can upload your existing Do Not Call list into your account and DialSaver will automatically remove any number on the Do Not Call list from all of your future call campaigns.

Schedule call delivery times

Set delivery dates and times. Run a call campaign at different times in a single day or spread it out over multiple days. It is a proven fact that making appointment and service reminder calls has a positive impact on the bottom line by decreasing expenses and increasing revenue.