What is DID Live?

DID Live is a virtual phone service provided to customers throughout the USA via voice over IP (VoIP). We also provide USA VoIP DID service to customers located around the world. Other terms for the service that we provide are Virtual DID service, IP DID service, Virtual T1 service, Virtual PRI service and SIP Trunk service.

DID Live is an IP DID service that allows you to accept incoming calls via VoIP as an alternative to standard digital or analog lines. The service provides the same premium quality of sound you expect from standard lines at a fraction of the price..

Whether a customer is running a prepaid calling card business, an IVR system to take phone orders or a voice mail service bureau, he still needs inbound lines and access numbers (DIDs). These lines and DIDs give customers the ability to call in and use the service..

The DID Live Virtual Number service only requires a company to have an Internet connection, therefore eliminating the limitations posed by local telephone lines. If the company has a solid Internet Connection, the DID Live service can be up and running within hours.

DID Live Benefits:-

  1. Reduce costs of traditional lines.
  2. Offer nationwide access numbers.
  3. Accelerate your business expansion.
  4. Centralize your business activities.

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